Luna HSM 5.4.1 is Now Available

Luna HSM 5.4.1 is now available*, and includes client software, appliance software, HSM firmware and documentation for Luna SA, Luna PCI-E, and Luna G5 HSMs.

This patch release consists of:

    A new Luna SA Appliance update package
    A new Luna HSM Client
    Update Instructions
    Release Notes
Notable New Features:
Common Luna Architecture
All Luna HSMs benefit from a Common Luna Architecture where the supported client, APIs, algorithms, and authentication methods are consistent across the entire Luna HSM product line. This eliminates the need to design applications around a specific HSM, and provides the flexibility to move keys from form factor to form factor.
Flexible Backup and Disaster Recovery Options
Luna SA provides secure, auditable and flexible options to simplify backup, duplication, and disaster recovery. Key backups can be performed locally or remotely to the Luna Backup HSM, Small Form Factor eTokens or other Luna HSMs.

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